What would it cost to employ the services of caterers Birmingham?!
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caterers Birmingham excels on their field of catering business and its popularity increases within the passing days. They are known for serving guests with pleasing attitude and creating good relationship with each customer. They only serve high quality food made with the highest quality ingredient they can find, this thought gives the idea that employing caterers Birmingham would cost a ton of money, but the idea is quite off. They are actually very flexible when it comes to your budget. There are typically 3 types of dinner service to choose from – plated, family style, and buffet style. The plated style is usually the most expensive service, and the buffet style being the least expensive.

The costs of employing the services of caterers Birmingham may vary depending on the needed number staff members, how big or small the event would be, over-all food expenses, and other services offered. On most catering business the staffs are paid by hour:

Administrator: £6,000- 7,000 per annum

Catering assistant: £7.85 per hour

Crew members: £7.20 per hour

Cooks/chefs: £8.20 to £12.00 per hour

Kitchen Assistants: £6.20 per hour

Baristas: £6.70 to £6.80 per hour

Cleaners: £6.20 to £8.00 per hour

The rates of other things like the equipments, facility and added services also varies from every company. The over-all costs would be different on each event, because you’re the one who’s going to decide and customize the event to your liking. You can also just announce your budget and the management will do their best to make the most of it.

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